David Letterman revisits his popular Top 10 list in a new teaser


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David Letterman is passing the torch — and not to his “Late Show” successor, Stephen Colbert.

In the teaser for the show “Stupid Pet Tricks”, shared exclusively with The Post, Letterman sent the cloth to Sarah Silverman when she visited the famous Top Ten List segment.

Hosted by Silverman, 53, it premieres Sundays at 5 p.m. (across TBS, Discovery, truTV and Animal Planet) after the Puppy Bowl (before Monday’s prime time at 9 p.m. on TBS), “Stupid Pet Tricks” is a rerun of a recurring episode that debuted on Letterman’s “Late Night” show in 1982.

In a sneak peek of the new show, Silverman sits in his office at the Warner Bros. building. with Letterman, 76, sporting his now-famous “Late Show” beard.

“David, I just have to say that hosting ‘Stupid Pet Tricks’ is a dream come true,” Silverman told him. “You know how much I love animals!”

Sarah Silverman in the first episode of “Stupid Pet Tricks” Tyler Golden
Sarah Silverman hosts “Stupid Pet Tricks.” Tyler Golden

“By the way, I didn’t know you liked animals,” Letterman replied. “But it’s good. And we don’t really get to work together that much. You have been listed in the top 10 possibilities to host the show, based on availability. “

The clip then veers into the nostalgia of the Top Ten List, another popular Letterman segment, where the talk show host lists 10 things with a common theme.

Silverman asked him who else made the Top 10 of hosts.

He rattled off names, including Zach Galifianakis, Mindy Kaling and Jake from State Farm, as Silverman grew frustrated.

David Letterman hosted the “Late Night” segment Stupid Pet Tricks early in his career ©NBC/Courtesy Everett Collection
Letterman circa 1997, doing Crazy Pet Tricks ©CBS/Courtesy Everett Collection

“Couldn’t afford it,” Letterman explained, then continued his list: “Jeff Gillooly–”

“The man who broke Nancy Kerrigan’s leg?” Silverman asked, referring to the wife of figure skater Tonya Harding, played by Sebastian Stan in the movie “I, Tonya.”

Letterman continued, “James Corden, Rupert from Hello Deli. Actually somebody else—”

“You know what,” Silverman interrupted. “I just feel like we were meant to be here. Together. Me and you. The passing of the torch… We will never forget you, Dave.”

“Stupid Pet Tricks” was rerun on a new show hosted by Silverman.
Dogs Do Stupid Pet Tricks Tyler Golden

The original Stupid Pet Tricks saw Letterman recruit dogs and their owners to perform tricks.

On Silverman’s variety show, each episode features a pet performing tricks, along with celebrity guest stars, including Letterman himself, Jon Hamm, Will Ferrell, Judd Apatow, Howie Mandel, Jack McBrayer, Charlotte McKinney, Reggie Watts and Jeff Ross.

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