Our Summer House Season 8 Quiz

It’s season 8 Summer house It premieres on Bravo on Thursday, February 22nd. The upcoming season may be the most anticipated so far, considering the upcoming split between Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard. Several players teased that fans will get more answers about the breakup as the season goes on. We have a lot of questions on Summer House Season 8, so let’s answer them together.

What really happened to Carl and Lindsay?


What happened to Carl and Lindsay is the first question on fans’ minds. Although the two talked about their breakup in the press, they have different stories. We’re not sure which story is more believable at this point and we’re hoping season 8 will shed more light on why they fell apart.

Linsay has opened up about feeling “blindsided” by the breakup. She appeared on an episode of The Viall Files in November, where she said her ex-husband humiliated her by breaking up with him on camera.

The teaser trailer, released earlier this month, revealed a different story. The three-minute video included footage of the former couple fighting and a clip of a minister telling Carl that he and Lindsay are not going to marry him.

Kyle Cooke also shared his thoughts on the breakup in an interview with E! New in October. The Loverboy founder told the outlet that Lindsay and Carl had been having issues for a while.

“It’s no secret that they’ve been in regular therapy since they first started dating,” she told the magazine. “The way I see it, there was a time when I was used to it, man, almost in therapy was the only time they could have contact in a week. They could hardly talk to each other without other people,” he added. Yikes.

There seem to be a few conflicting narratives out there, so we’ll have to see how that shakes out in season 8.

Who is Newcomer West Wilson?

(West Wilson/Instagram)

West Wilson is the latest addition to the Summer House. West is a 28-year-old sports reporter who was recently laid off due to personnel changes. According to his Instagram, West divides his time between New York and Miami. West is single and will bring some fun to the house.

The new arrival seems to be completely caught up. However, according to Bravo.com, she struggles with commitment. Hmm. We also saw him asking Kyle if he had to “only hit single girls” in the trailer, so that could be a problem this season. We want to know more about West.

What’s going on with Kyle & Amanda?

(Photo by: Eugene Gologursky/Bravo via Getty Images)

Kyle and Amanda Batula always have drama and it looks like this season will be no different. In the teaser trailer, we saw the couple fighting a bit. At one point, Ciara Miller tells Amanda that she doesn’t think she has an identity outside of Kyle. Ouch.

Could this be the end for Kyle and Amanda? We doubt it, but we still have a lot of questions about why all the fighting we saw in the trailer happened.

Are Paige and Craig getting closer to a compromise?

(Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)

We love Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover together but they can’t go on road trips forever. Earlier we saw the two struggling to get their lives together. Craig lives in South Carolina and Paige lives in New York. The Giggly Squad host says she might eventually go down south, but the thought alone seems to bring tears to her eyes, so we’re not too sure.

In the trailer, we see Paige screaming, “You can’t tolerate anything.” We think the statement was directed at his girlfriend because the camera immediately showed Craig. However, the production can trick us into thinking that the couple is struggling. We are very interested to see if the two come to a decision this season and move forward with their relationship.

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