New ‘True Detective: Night Country’ theory emerges after enhanced episode 5

True Detective: Night Country aired its final episode on Friday, two days earlier than the Super Bowl on Sunday, as usual.

I’d argue that this episode of True Detective: Night Country is actually better than the previous ones, especially the last two, and it’s spawned additional theories about what’s going on, given what we know now about what happened in the past and shape. like things going. This is not based on a screener (which I don’t have), but my own observations.

It seems to have two main halves. The idea is of course that the mining company, owned by Tuttle’s season 1 company, is very corrupt. It’s possible that they ordered the execution of activist Annie K in a different way, and at least Hank was asked to move her body, even if he didn’t kill her, he said. I’m also willing to at least chalk it up SOME The supernatural elements and hallucinations here in the mine are effectively poisoning the whole city. Navarro’s vision, which is the worst of all, can of course be explained by his family’s poor mental health and possible schizophrenia.

But I don’t believe that the entire series could end without it SOME elements from the supernatural come to play. There will be something hidden in the ice tunnels that has a great meaning, and I can’t imagine what it is, because NO to be more than the missing man she wanted. And I mean, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have survived in a random ice tunnel for that long.

The recurring line “she wakes up” throughout this season has to make sense and it’s hard to see how it does. no to become supernatural in some way. I think it could be Annie K’s ghost, but if she was in the ice tunnel, she looks like she died screaming, I don’t think so. Instead, it’s like an “ancient mystical spirit of the earth” or something, rising up against the poisoned city, the mine, and recently, the scientists digging into the ice for the key. ‘immortality, and covered the dirt. of the very mine that claimed the lives of many people and their children.

There are a few tangential theories here. One is that Peter Prior killed his father because he was about to reveal it he killed Annie K. Even given the events of the show, I’m not sure how that matters. Need a RECOMMEND a lot of explanation on this, because I don’t think there is any basis to support it. At least not right now.

Another is that the killing of the scientists led to some of the natives being “hungry”. Like the crab woman featured this week and the cleaning ladies that were interviewed earlier. Maybe Navarro’s Qavvik too. One theory is that scientists have come up with a crab machine, something they could do in theory, but the logistics of doing it are…interesting, to say the least. This goes against the “they saw something in the cold, they were so scared they all died instantly of heart attacks and freezing” idea, because I’m not sure how that explains the clothes that fold easily. Again, this requires a lot of additional information to make sense.

I tend to be a combination of mystic and corruptor. The mine almost killed Annie K, although who exactly, I’m not sure. Then, it seems that some kind of vengeful spirit is responsible for the “retribution” maybe like a literal ghost presence or maybe working on some of the residents. Too much supernatural here complete explained by Navarro’s schizophrenia or delirium for poisoning me.

I had some issues with the season but I’m interested to see how they wrap it all up next week.

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