Research evidences have proven that an attire which has had the influences on the perceptions of viewers whether students or outsiders is more than just a wearing. At first instance, the outlook imposes a very positive expectation subjective to the likeliness and behavior pattern of the students. And there is no doubt about it that a positive impression ultimately imposes a positive learning atmosphere and creates a long lasting impression in the students’ mind. It is therefore felt the need to reiterate the importance of a dress code and/or professional attire of the eduction sector staff. Therefore the recommended dress for all staff working in FDE (HQ) and in educational institutions working under the ambit of FDE is as follows.

Dress Code:

  • All subject staff shall maintain formal dress code while on the official work space/ institutional premises and during official gatherings/ceremonies/meetings alike.
  • It is recommended that all teaching staff must wear teaching gown while teaching in the class and lab coats while taking practical periods in laboratory.
  • All the the non teaching staff must also always maintain presentable appearance in neat, clean and properly ironed clothes and appropriate shoes.

For refreence dress code guideliness are provides overleaf.

Physical Appearance and Personal Hygiene

  • All Heads of Institution/Section In-charges shall ensure that every staff member obverses reasonably good measures in their physical appearance and personal hygiene. This includes regular hair cut, bear trimming, nail cutting, shower and use of deodrant/perfume.
  • All the gate keepers/chowkidars must always be in their recommended uniforms
  • It is recommended that all support staff (where admissible) may be allocated a uniform.

All area officers and directors are requested tocimplement these instructions in true letter amd spirit and keep an observation check during their visits to receptive institution/wing.

This is issued on the advice and with the approval of director general (education).



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