Books, each recent and new, are nice things, however our culture emphasizes that “newer” things are often better. It’s arduous to mention no to your favorite up to date author or a tremendous enterprising author’s latest publication, but I’m inclined to browse the classics first. It may be a touch discouraging once there’s most out there and you have got 1,000,000 things on your stir list, but it’s invariably worthwhile to select up an old book between reading newer ones. Below we are going to describe that why old books are more valuable:

Most people like {better to value more highly to favor to opt to choose to} browse new books than previous books. a minimum of best-seller lists in Amazon say so. However, it doesn’t mean that new books are better than old books. In fact, the alternative could also be true: old books are better than new books. I initial find out about the importance of old books from John Wesley. He usually uses old books as his supply of concepts and inspiration. I believe him. previous books are smart source of information and inspiration, often better than new books. I ought to say that I’m still a newcomer within the world of previous books. however, there are a minimum of four reasons I will consider why old books are higher than new books:

These are Test of time

Maybe this is the foremost necessary reason of all. several concepts come back and go, however solely the most effective ideas can stand the look at of time. New books are nevertheless to pass such test. On the opposite hand, recent books have passed the test. Generation once generation, individuals have found them useful. If you browse them, you read the gems that have passed the filter of the many generations.

Time traveling

Older books are valuable because of the show life from associate degree other time. several books are stories or myths from the past, stemming from titles like character and To Kill a Mockingbird. everyone is awake to regarding these stories. each book options a tale to tell from that point in history, animated among the color of your imagination. throughout this sense, reading a previous book is form of like visiting a very informative museum.

These provide Different “lenses” to look through

If you’ve got a camera, what you see are completely different after you place different lenses. Reading old books offers you knew such “lenses” to seem through. they offer you new perspectives. they offer you knew {ways that ways in that} to seem at things. They act as machine which transport you to a selected time within the past with its worth and culture. you may then perceive however individuals at that point suppose and feel, and you’ll apply that perspective to your current condition.

If you browse new books, you’ll get just one or 2 “lenses” of how recent people see the world. Reading recent books offers you a lot completely different “lenses” from when and age.

These are Relevant even to the far future

this can be another side of standing the look at of time. The fact that they need stood the look at of your time means individuals from several generation had found them relevant. As such, there’s sturdy reason to believe that the gems you get from the books also will be relevant to the way future. It implies that the time you invest in reading the book will still provide you with come back for terribly long time. Compare it to new books which can shortly lose its relevancy. Such books will give you return for under many years at best.

Old books are Free

the explanations higher than are over enough, however there is still an additional reason that produces recent books even better: several of them are free. they will be downloaded at no cost from sites like Project pressman or Bartleby.

Fruitful to Future generation if they Read old books

Invest in reading a high-quality recent book for literature category or leisure and you’ll recall it forever. likelihood is that it’ll even be spoken in fashionable culture either implicitly or explicitly. what proportion Simpson’s episodes have you ever watched that had literary references in them? I bet there are further references during this show than you’ll shake a stick at. just because a book is old, it doesn’t mean it’ lost its relevance.

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  1. Kya in books ki hard copies mil skti hai. M kitny time sy dhund re hu k kash koi 1 book he mil jaye or aj mjy yeh sb dekh k jo khusi hue or jo ansu aye m bata nahi skti. Hmary sb sy achy or qeemti lamhat.

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  3. مجھے تو ان کتابوں کی خوشبو اور کاغذات کا احساس تک یاد ہے۔ کوئی براہِ کرم بتائے کہ یہ کتابیں پرِنٹڈ شکل میں بھی کہیں سے خریدی جا سکتی ہیں؟

  4. Kisi kay paas metric ki muraqae urdu book hai yahan 2003 kay studens ki aur agay intermediate ki book foe 2003 and onwards intermediate ki book jis mai aik chapter ka naam tha behrupia shayad kisi ko yaad ho agar kisi kay paas hain ye dono books to please share

  5. Osama Bhai, Great Work.
    In kitabon ko parch k bachpan k puranay aur suhanay din yad aa gaye. Mai bohat arsay se old books talash kar rha tha. Kafi logon se pata kia lekin kahin se nahi mili. Net se bhi kafi search kia lekin baat na bani. Aj esay hi bethay dobara google search kia to apki website ka link appear hua. Open kia to mazay daar kitaben parhny ko mili. Bohat bohat shukria apka. Ap ne kaha k ap k pas aur books bhi hain to kia ap wo bhi share kar saktay hain?

  6. I am feeling like child after reading these old books. It brings me back in to my childhood. I’m was finding old books and can’t found from anywhere.
    Finally, today I decided to get help form Google baba.
    I am delighted and Soo much happy😊 after reading and founding these.
    May Allah bless to whom have arranged these and make them available on net.
    I want to say there is problem with book 1997 of five class, all pages are blank and book of 3 class 2006 is half.
    Plz can you arrange books of fourth and fifth grade from 1988-2010 .
    Thank you 💯 much.

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    Zindagi k safar ka haseen tohfa dia hai Allah apko ajar dy

  9. Apka kitna shukriya ada krn mjhy bacpan lota dia …
    Ek ehsan or kr dain urdu ki book chaye pehli jamat k lye 1996 punjab text book board wali kia ap woh dy skty hain

  10. Kia aap k pass woh book hai . J’s main ek poem hai
    Mela shala marka. Thandi Thandi qulfian .
    Kindly agr possible ho to lazmi reply dijiye ga


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  14. Assalamu alaikum bhai Mujhe 1981 se baad ki urdu ki books chahie Punjab text board ki Wo aap ke paas mil sakti hai agar maujud Hai To Mujhe inform kar dijiye WhatsApp kar dijiye shukria class 1 se class 10 ki

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