Cancer-stricken King Charles ‘learns from mistakes’ with Harry: expert


Prince Harry flew to London earlier this week to meet King Charles following the royal’s cancer diagnosis.

The estranged father and son met for just 30 minutes, leaving royal watchers skeptical whether the health crisis could lead to a lasting reconciliation – but one expert said it showed the monarch is “learning from his mistakes.” .”

Charles called her on the phone to tell her about the cancer before it went public, a move that communications expert Louella Alderson believes is a good sign.

“It is possible that King Charles’s personal call to Harry about his illness is a sign of correction or learning from past mistakes in their relationship,” Alderson told The Mirror. on Saturday.

“It shows the respect and consideration from King Charles to Harry, recognizing the importance of family and relationships during difficult times,” he said.

Alderson did not elaborate on what mistakes Charles may have made. However, Harry says his father was emotionally cold during his childhood.

In his bombshell memoir, “Spare,” Harry revealed that Charles did not hug him when he told him his mother, Princess Diana, had died.

King Charles is said to be “learning from his mistakes” as he tries to reconcile with his son, Prince Harry. AFP via Getty Images
Charles and Harry were photographed in 2019. Samir Hussein/WireImage

Although the frosty relationship between Charles and Harry may be on the wane, it does not seem that Harry is helping my brother Prince William’s cancer diagnosis.

Harry did not meet William during his whistle-stop tour of England.

Both Harry and William have reportedly not spoken to each other for over a year, although they both attended their father’s coronation in May 2023.

William had to step up his duties last week after it was announced that his father had an unknown cancer.

The prince has also been caring for his wife, Princess Kate, who is recovering from abdominal surgery.

Charles, William and Harry are seen together in 2017.
Princess Diana was seen with Harry, William and Charles in 1994. Getty Images

Before Harry’s arrival, the royal began cancer treatment on Monday and is recovering at Clarence House.

Buckingham Palace released a statement on February 5 detailing the royal’s illness, announcing that he was not suffering from prostate cancer.

“During the royal’s recent hospital procedure for a benign prostate enlargement, a specific problem was noted,” the palace said in a statement. “Subsequent diagnostic tests revealed a type of cancer.”

“The King began his regular treatment schedule today, and during this time the doctor advised him to postpone public duties.”

Both Harry and William have reportedly not spoken to each other for over a year, although they both attended their father’s coronation in May 2023. POOL/AFP via Getty Images
Charles began cancer treatment on Monday. He is pictured with Queen Camilla. Getty Images

“During this period, the King will continue with public work and official documents as usual,” they added.

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