September 20, 2023


  1. good points raised… There must be facilities for teachers like transport, house facilities, free medical treatment and schlorships for teachers children for higher education. Teacher must have mire respect in the society against all other professions.These steps reduces the stress of low income and they can fulfill her/his duties more efficiently.

  2. Veey good points. Nd administration and management should be decentralized as after 75 years we have aproximately same managerial system. Schools should be allowed to work more independently and with visionary leadership like a private school.

  3. Teachers sometimes feel ambivalent about additional duties. On one hand, they feel an obligation to be a team player, especially if their officers personally ask them to take on a new responsibility. But on the other hand, their first responsibility is to teach, and some of these extra roles take time and focus away from their main work. It’s a delicate balance, so government should take some steps to help them avoid feeling pressured .

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