School-Based CPD for Primary school Teachers of Primary and Middle schools in Punjab has been rolled out and ITSP App launched for online training of PSTs in December 2020.

Teacher forum meeting (TFM) is one of the important components of School Based CPD, which is a monthly meeting of all PSTs of a Markaz organized by AEOS concerned. QAED had also released funds to all 36 district QAEDs for conduction of TEMS for five months (from February till June 2021). School-Based CPD of PSTs is a continuous process and it should be continued in the financial year 2021-22 for professional development of Primary School Teachers.

It is pertinent to mention that though all eleven (11) units of ITSP have been completed by PST’s under the supervision of AEOs in the teacher forum meetings held from February to June 2021 yet PSTs are struggling in some units which need reinforcement Therefore, AEOs may be directed to restart conduction of TFMs from August 2021 and focus/repeat those units of ITSP in which PSTs of their Markaz are struggling for giving them a better understanding of those units. QAED Punjab is, therefore, releasing funds for the TFMs to be conducted from August to November 2021, so that the CPD) of PSTs may be kept going in continuity.

Forgoing in view, CEOs will direct the AEOs of their districts to start conducting TFMs of PSTs of their respective Markaz regularly from August to November 2021 till further directions/orders.