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In the past two months, the Taliban have consolidated their positions in Afghanistan, and the Afghan government has lost control. According to media reports, 90% of Afghanistan’s borders are now under the control of the Taliban. Who are these Taliban? Bin Laden made history. Why does the United States send troops to Afghanistan? In 1979, the President of Afghanistan and Communist Party leader Nur Mohamed Taraki was assassinated. Then the Soviet Union stepped in. In Afghanistan. Although Taraki was a communist leader, he was killed by another communist leader. Written by Hafizullah Amin.Hafizullah Amin was the first person to arrest and kill Taraki. The Afghan Communist Party split into two factions, and there are many disputes between them. Taraki is not completely innocent. He tried to kill Hafizul Amin. As the struggle between the communists unfolded, the communists and the Islamists started a war in Afghanistan. At about the same time, in 1979, a revolution occurred in neighboring Iran. Known as the Iranian Revolution of 1979.

The situation in Iran today is very similar to the situation in Afghanistan, with Islamists on the one hand and leftists and communists on the other. The King of Iran Mohammed Reza believed in modernism and secularism. Accompanied by secularism, he brought huge economic growth to his country, but at the same time, because of his greed, he was closely connected to the throne and killed the protesters. The opposition was suppressed, a political party was banned, and the parliament was expelled. For these reasons, a revolution against him took place, and Iran was invaded by Islamists in 1979. As a communist, he feared that Islamists would take power in Afghanistan.

To avoid this situation, he believes that he must appease conservative religious figures. To this end, he began to build a mosque. He began to use Allah’s name in his speeches. He distributed a copy of the Quran. All of this, even if I am a communist. Trying to get Islamists on his side to some extent. But people don’t like him at all. He committed many atrocities against the Afghan people. He is a semi-psychiatric patient from Afghanistan. These leaders, Hafizaullah Amin, Taraki and Mohammad Reza, no matter what ideology they present to the world, they are desperate for power.In their greed for power, they can distort their ideology at will. Even today’s political leaders, no matter which party they belong to, you can still see that dictators can invent any excuses to maintain power. This is also obvious in the Soviet Union: when Lenin lost power, Stalin killed his opponent to come to power. Then it happened in December 1979, before the Islamists took over Afghanistan, the Soviet Union intervened. Then he killed Hafizullah Amin. This has not only geopolitical reasons, but also ideological reasons. The ideological reason is that the communist ideology of Afghanistan has lost power and has been distorted by Hafizullah Amin.So the Soviet Union wanted to support the true ideology of communism. The geopolitical cause was the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States. If the Soviet Union can gain influence in Afghanistan, another country may be affected by the Soviet Union. The influence of the Soviet Union. This will help the Soviet Union to fight the United States. After Hafizullah Amin was assassinated, Babulak Kamal was appointed as the head of the new government.

He was also the leader of the Saul Revolution. Since taking office, he has released more than 2,700 political prisoners, replaced the red flag of communism with a new red flag, and promised to formulate a new Afghan constitution in addition to free elections, freedom of speech, right to protest and freedom. religion. Afghanistan seems to be peaceful. Afghanistan will move in the right direction. But how can the United States silently watch the progress in Afghanistan? The United States can see that the Soviet Union has established influence in Afghanistan; even in countries such as Vietnam and Ethiopia, the Soviet Union has humiliated the United States; in this war, the United States is one step behind the Soviet Union; the United States chose Afghanistan because the United States took the opportunity to report to the United States. In response, the United States supported Afghanistan’s opposition ideological jihadist organization. Countries such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have supported the Islamic Jihad in Afghanistan. The United States also joined them. To this end, the CIA carried out the largest secret operation. They call it Operation Whirlwind. CIA Director Robert Gates later admitted that the then U.S. President Jimmy Carter approved a $500,000 secret aid for the Mujahideen on July 3, 1979. Even after the regime change in the United States, millions of dollars were still transferred to the jihadists. Jihadist. This also happened after Ronald Reagan came to power. Look at this picture, Reagan and the Mujahideen. In addition to the US Central Intelligence Agency, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Service, the British Secret Service MI-6 and Saudi Arabia also support Islamic Jihadists? At first, they were just guerrillas hiding in the mountains.

But with such support, they not only have weapons, not only weapons, but also anti-aircraft missiles. At this time the Soviet Union began to feel the consequences of hostilities. In 1988, Mohammad Najibullah became President of Afghanistan. Signed the Geneva Agreement with Pakistan. In essence, this is a peace agreement, and no country will interfere in the affairs of any other country. The Soviet Union and the United States are the guarantors of the peace agreement. The United States has promised that if the Soviet Union withdraws its troops from Afghanistan, the United States will stop delivering supplies to the jihadists. Finally, 9 years later, in February 1989, the Soviet Union withdrew its troops from Afghanistan. The Soviet Union leaves Afghanistan. There are many reasons for this. The Soviet Union disintegrated. Later the Soviet Union split into several countries. And Russia has become an important country among them. This is a different story, and we must focus on Afghanistan. Najibullah is doing everything possible to end this conflict. In Afghanistan promulgated a new constitution. Afghanistan will no longer be a one-party state. It was the same as other communist countries at the time. Other political parties can also participate in elections. The new parliamentary election was held in 1988. The Najiwala Party, PDPA won the election, and Najibullah still has power. Afghanistan was declared an Islamic Republic in 1990. All references to communism have been deleted. Najibullah tried to appease believers. Conservative people in the country. May the earth be peaceful. Najibullah also tried to attract foreign aid to Afghanistan and initiate private investment. Even so, the United States continues to provide weapons to the jihadists. The team did not make concessions. They boycotted elections and even believed that Islam was still in danger.

. This civil battle continues. The Soviet Union attempts to assist Najibullah with the aid of using sending overseas aid. But that does not assist. Because in 1991, the Soviet Union breaks aside itself. Like I advised you. And in 1992, Mujahideen wins this civil battle. Though Mujahideen became an Islamist organization it became made from humans from diverse ethnicities. And in it too, there have been many humans grasping for power. Infighting starts withinside the Mujahideen organization for power. Finally, in 1992, someone comes into power. He turns into the brand-new chief of the Islamic State of Afghanistan. His call became Burhanuddin Rabbani. By the following few years, a brand-new enemy had risen. Called the Taliban. In 1996, Taliban gets rid of this Islamist Mujahideen chief from power. Who is the Taliban? In the Pashto language, ‘Taliban’ way student. Initially, the chief of this Taliban organization became Mullah Omar. He shaped this organization with 50 students. But with time, a few refugees back to Afghanistan from Pakistan. They later have become part of this organization. These humans have been even greater non secular extremists. Even greater extraordinarily right-wing humans. Compared to the Mujahideen as well.

These Afghan refugees had seemingly found out this extremism in a few colleges of Pakistan. But faith became now no longer the handiest issue involved. As I stated, there have been many factions of ethnic businesses withinside the Mujahideen. Taliban additionally believed withinside the ideology of Pashtun nationalism. In addition to being Islamists. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia supported the Taliban. And its miles stated that America created Taliban. If we examine it technically, friends, this isn’t always true. But practically, there’s a few weightages to this argument. Because America essentially attempted its best, all the efforts of bringing democracy into Afghanistan, have been all ruined with the aid of using offering guns to the Mujahideen. And surroundings became created that enabled the delivery of the Taliban. Not handiest guns. But America seemingly spent hundreds of thousands of greenbacks in printing textbooks in Afghanistan. These books have been packed with violent images. And used to sell the extremist ideology. Later, those books funded with the aid of using America have been utilized by the Taliban.

By September 1996, the Taliban had efficiently captured Kabul. And establishes the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. In the beginning, the not unusual place human beings had been supportive of the Taliban. Because they may sooner or later anticipate a few balance withinside the country. The combat happening for such a lot of years became at an end. And withinside the beginning, the Taliban did certainly make a few regions of Afghanistan peaceful. But with time, the conservative ideology of Taliban, got here to the forefront. And the not unusual place human beings get a glimpse of it. Taliban bans loads of factors in Afghanistan. The listing of the banned gadgets is goodbye that your eyes will come out after seeing the matters banned via way of means of Taliban. Under Taliban’s rule, guys needed to compulsorily maintain a beard. And ladies needed to maintain our bodies blanketed in burqas. Women could not go away their houses without being observed via way of means of a male relative. And due to the fact Taliban believed withinside the ideology of Pashtun ideology, the non-Pashtun ethnicities, grow to be sufferers of ethnic cleansing.

Thousands of Muslims are killed. Christians get prosecuted. Hindus are given badges in order that they may be prominent from the Muslims. A very vital a part of Afghanistan’s cultural records had been statues of Buddha. Those had been destroyed via way of means of the Taliban. Obviously, former President Najibullah is likewise murdered via way of means of them. People and governments from round the sector criticize Taliban after seeing all of those happen. And they had been vocal with the criticism. But there had been 3 nations that diagnosed Taliban as a valid Government then. The 3 nations had been: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. In the overdue 1990s, a few Mujahideen forces attempt to combat the Taliban. These are called the Northern Alliance. Ahmad Shah Massoud became their head. But in 2001, the Northern Alliance loses this combat. And Ahmad Shah Massoud receives killed as well. Only 2 days after it happened, a terrorist organization Al Qaeda, conducts the 11th of September assaults withinside the USA. An assault that modified the complete world. The chief of Al Qaeda on the time became a Saudi terrorist, Osama bin Laden. Taliban allows to refuge Osama bin Laden. Giving him secure harbor of their country. Osama bin Laden writes a letter to America wherein he writes that the 11th of September assaults had been a revenge for what America became doing in nations like Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan. He offers a justification via way of means of announcing that America became committing struggle fare crimes in opposition to Muslims in the one’s nations. So, they took revenge in opposition to America via way of means of sporting out the 11th of September assaults. It makes America need to take revenge for the 11th of September assaults.

So, the United States sent troops to Afghanistan and then launched air strikes on Afghanistan where terrorist organizations are hiding. However, some civilians can also be killed in air strikes. It is possible to drop bombs and kill the most actual terrorists. As a result, civilians also died in it. However, with the help of the Mujahideen Northern Alliance, the Taliban were absolutely forced to return through the United States before December 2001. He became the new president of the Afghan authorities. In 2004, Afghanistan received a new constitution, but again. The election is held. More than 6 million Afghans voted in these elections. Karzai won this election and became the new president of Afghanistan. Find some real family members in India. Family members from Afghanistan and India are now very strong. Bombs and air strikes in Pakistan. Get rid of the Taliban’s hiding place there.

In 2011, Osama bin Laden was killed by the US military. In 2013 due to illness. During this period, the United States sent its navy to Afghanistan to maintain peace, contain the Taliban, and assist the new democratic government in Afghanistan. But even after many years, the Taliban will no longer be destroyed. The organization continues to shoot in certain places, Afghanistan, and certain areas in neighboring countries. The Taliban shoots and explodes. The result will be the death of many civilians. February 2020. Donald Trump unexpectedly joined terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda to become the president of the American family, and then the United States would withdraw its troops. The United States will leave Afghanistan. Because the US military in Afghanistan needs huge amounts of money. As I said, more than $2 trillion has been spent. Americans also support it. Americans want to know why they have to fight other people’s struggles. They have been on the battlefield for twenty years, their people, their army have been killed, they are not even there. In 2021, the Taliban will be more effective than ever. More than 85,000 warring factions are fighting for the Taliban.

No, but I believe in the capabilities of the Afghan army. You have 300,000 Afghan soldiers. Well equipped. As well-equipped as any army in the world. There is also the air force. Oppose about 75,000 Taliban. “But there is no earthly reality.” As I said before, today it says that 90% of Afghanistan’s borders are under the control of the Taliban, and the Afghan government can be overthrown. Some experts believe that India should also intervene in this regard. The Indian army should support the Afghan army to fight the Taliban, but the same question arises here: Is this fighting for the Indians? Should Indians participate? If the Taliban government returns to Afghanistan, it will be terrible for India. Not only will the relationship between India and Afghanistan end, but India’s US$3 billion investment in Afghanistan will also end. It can also happen. What lessons will you learn from this whole story? Write in the comments below. In my opinion, this is a lesson about the unity of diversity. If we intend to fight each other, we can find thousands of excuses, different nations, different ideologies, communism or other religions, but if we want peace in the true sense, if we want to live peacefully throughout In the world, then we must learn to accept each other and promote tolerance and unity among us.


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