guess physics


This article contains guess papers prepared according to accelerated learning program as per issued by school education department (SED).


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These are the pictures with detailed guess questions with highest precision from each chapter of Physics part 1 FSC. We assure students that they are certainly going to be successful while appearing in exam.

Directions for the students

When students appear in exam keep in mind that detailed answers must be written. while attempting paper students are directed to attempt neat and clean. There must be no cutting on paper. The knowledge in your head is not enough to get a good score on the exam, instead try to take the test effectively and apply the knowledge wisely and you will definitely get a high score. Draw margins with blue marker on both sides of the sheet, or at least on the left side. This will give your paper a uniform look. Write the part number and title in the center of the piece of paper to indicate which part to try first. Write the question number and question part number as indicated on the questionnaire. Don’t follow your own sequence, just follow the question sheet as it is. Be sure to write the title and description of the question. Draw the final line. After answering every question

Things to carry with

How are you able to pass for a struggle fare with out guns? Didn’t get it? Alright! In easy words, as effective guns are vital for struggle fare within side the equal manner writing cloth is vital to strive the checks in a presentable manner. To make a go with the drift for your writing you’ll want to own following materials: Materials Required Clipboard is generally now no longer allowed within side the exam hall, however in case you are left-surpassed you’re allowed to take it with you. Take at the least 2 pens with you in operating situation and an inkpot. It approach that the nib of recent pen is generally harsh and could come within side the manner of your fluent writing. Use cut-marker for headings and drawing margin lines. Keep easy blue marker too. If you’re not able to jot down well with cut-marker, right now stop it and use the easy one. Don’t use lead pencil to attract margin lines, instead, use marker and scale to attract lines. Avoid the usage of small scales and pen. Wear a wrist watch (ideally digital) that allows you to stability and manipulate your time. If it’s arithmetic paper, don’t overlook to take geometry field and clinical calculator with you. Even the calculator is vital to clear up physics and chemistry numerical. Keep a water bottle because of the purpose which you may not be allowed to head outdoor throughout exam. Last however now no longer the least, handkerchief is the lifestyles saver. The intermediate checks are generally carried out within side the months of June and July, because of the load-losing the sweat can ruin your paper.

what to keep in mind while attempting physics paper?

Instead of mugging up the formulae and derivations, intention for searching for conceptual clarity. Try to apprehend the sample of derivations and exercise questions primarily based totally on them. This will assist you check in them into your thoughts for an extended time. Students who’re correct at fixing numerical ought to commit greater time to chapters like Electric price and fields, Electrostatic ability and capacitance, Current electricity, Moving price and magnetism Physics isn’t always pretty much numerical in contrast to mathematics. There are masses of theoretical chapters which maintain foremost weightage too. Prepare them accurately if numerical pressure you. Focus at the theoretical quantities properly. Topics inclusive of Communication, Electromagnetic waves twin nature of radiation and matter, Atom, Nuclei and Wave optics are absolutely theoretical and may fetch marks if studied well. Also, the tool element inclusive of Galvanometer, Cyclotron, Potentiometer, Transformer, Meter Bridge and AC generator constitutes part of theory. The Physics paper has a obligatory drawing query both of a graph or a tool. Students ought to now no longer forget about the important thing capabilities of the diagram to attain complete marks in this query. This is a beneficial tip mainly for folks who dread numerical. Everything you’ve got got found out or studied over the last 12 months in the long run boils right all the way down to green revision and time-certain exercise. Each time you revise a chapter, your possibilities of expertise and preserving it will increase manifold. Practice enables in constructing a sturdy basis of principles and a more accuracy in fixing questions. Hence clear up pattern papers in addition to preceding years’ papers. Attempt one complete syllabus paper check each week and get it reviewed via way of means of teacher/mentor/guide.